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The correct way to wear anti-smog masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-16
How to wear anti-smog masks correctly? People’s awareness of self-protection has also increased in the haze outdoors. Anti-smog masks have become a must-have for people to travel. However, many people have overlooked the correct way to wear square smog masks. Correctly wearing masks can effectively reduce Smog damages the body, so what is the correct way to wear anti-smog masks? I will give you a brief introduction today. The correct way to wear a mask:    Use the mask in accordance with its instructions. When wearing it, it must completely cover the nose, mouth and chin, and keep the mask close to the face; people with heart or respiratory system difficulties (such as asthma and emphysema), People with dizziness, breathing difficulties and sensitive skin are not recommended to wear a mask after wearing it, and minimize outdoor activities; it is not advisable to wear a copper mask with a high level when riding or exercising to prevent breathing difficulties.   1. Facing the side of the copper mask without nose clip, pull one ear strap with both hands so that the nose clip is on top of the mask.   2. Put a mask against the chin.     3. Pull the ear straps behind the ears and adjust the ear straps to feel as comfortable as possible.     4. Finally, check the adhesion between the mask and the face.   5. Finished wearing. Activated carbon masks have little effect on smog, but you should pay attention to the correct way of wearing them when you wear them!   The correct way to wear activated carbon masks:   1. Pull the mask up and down to open the fold;   2. The slightly black one Face out, light white (elastic webbing or ear strap) and one side inward;   3. The side with nose clip (metal strip nose clip, pp nose clip) is facing up;   4. Use the elastic webbing on both sides to hold the mask Fit the face;   5. Gently press the metal strips on both sides of the nose with two fingers;   6. Pull the lower end of the mask to the chin and adjust it so that there is no gap between it and the face.  7. It should be noted that when wearing activated carbon masks, you should wear the black side against your nose. Purchase through regular channels; choose masks with corresponding protection levels according to different air pollution levels; when choosing masks for the first time, you need to refer to the product instructions to try them on, and buy products that have a good fit on the face; discomfort or adverse reactions occur during the wearing process , You should stop wearing the mask; generally speaking, wearing a mask with high respiratory resistance for a long time may have an adverse effect on your health, so consumers are not recommended to wear a protective mask for a long time and beyond.   The correct way to wear a copper mask is introduced here, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone. The more outstanding masks on the market are worn in roughly the same way, so you can take this as an example. 226
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