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The correct way to wear different types of dust masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-30
How to wear different types of dust masks correctly? Ji Ji dust masks have many uses. For example, Ji Ji dust masks can not only effectively prevent the harm of dust and tiny particles in the air to the human respiratory tract, but also prevent the infection of germs. There are also many types of Gigi masks, such as flat masks, foldable dust masks, cup-shaped dust masks, etc. So what is the correct way to wear 3M masks? How to wear Gigi dust masks correctly can be better How about breathing protection?    Flat masks How to wear Flat masks, which are actually disposable masks, such as Jiji flat masks. These medical masks are often used in the medical and health industry. The tightness of the masks is very general and cannot be used for anti-fogging. For haze and dust, the way to wear it is as follows:   1, there are white and blue sides, the white side is facing in, the side with the metal strip is facing up, and the two straps on the bottom are tied behind the neck. The bottom of the mask should reach the root of the chin;   2 Pull up the upper edge strap, cover the mouth and nose, and tie the upper two straps behind the ears;   3. Press the metal wire of the nose root with two index fingers, press it against the nose and gradually move it to the sides to make the mask close to the face Skin;   4. After taking off the mask, put it in a paper bag and put it in the trash can. Wash your hands in time and do not reuse it. How to wear foldable masks Foldable masks are also earband masks, such as the 3M9001 mask. This dust-proof mask has a good dust-proof effect. It has a unique design shape and is matched with an excellent nose clip and headband. It can fit the face better. Breathing resistance will be relatively small and comfortable to wear. The way to wear it is as follows:    1. Turn the side of the folded copper mask without nose clip toward you, and clamp the nose on top of the mask. You can hold the mask with your left hand and fix it on your face and hold it against it. Chin;   2, the headband above the mask is pulled over the top of the head, and is located above the top of the head in line with the top of the ear;   3, the lower headband is pulled over the top of the head and fixed under the ears behind the neck;   4, the index and middle fingers of both hands are placed on the metal nose In the middle of the clip, press inward while moving the nose clip to both sides until the nose clip is pressed into the shape of the bridge of the nose. How to wear a cup-shaped mask The cup-shaped dust-proof mask is the best airtight among the three masks. It has a concave-convex appearance design. The nose bridge of the mask is equipped with an airtight pad to make the wearer more comfortable. The way to wear it is as follows: 1. Hold the mask with one hand facing upwards, with your fingertips at the nose clip;    2. Hold the chin under the mask, and wrap the nose on the top;    3. Fix the position of the mask with your hands, and fix the upper headband on the ears on the brain In the higher back position, the lower headband is fixed at the position below the back ears;   4. Also put two fingers on the metal nose clip, press the nose clip inward from the middle position, and move and press it to both sides until Shape the nose clip to resemble the bridge of the nose. The above is the introduction of the correct wearing method of different types of Gigi masks provided by the editor of the Labor Insurance Net. You hope that the correct wearing of different types of dust masks will help! After wearing the mask, be sure to check the airtightness of the copper mask. In order to better guarantee the protective effect of the mask. 206
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