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The correct way to wear dust masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-18
Method/Step 1:    1. Before putting on an unused mask, first loosen the headband every 2-4 cm, put your hands through the mask headband, and the metal nose forward.  Method/Step 2:    Put on a mask and close it tightly to your face. Pull the upper headband and place it behind your head. Then pull the lower headband over your head. As for the back of your head, adjust the mask to a comfortable position.  Method/Step 3:    Place the tips of your fingers along the metal strip of the bridge of the nose, from the middle to the sides, slowly press inward until the Jin is close to the bridge of the nose.   Method/Step 4:    Cover the mask with both hands as much as possible and perform a positive pressure/negative pressure test.  Method/Step 5:    Correct test: Cover the mask with both hands and breathe vigorously. If air overflows from the edge of the mask, it indicates improper wearing. You must adjust the headband and the metal strip of the bridge of the nose again.   Negative pressure test: Cover the mask with both hands, and then inhale vigorously. The center of the mask will be sunken. If air enters from the edge of the mask, it indicates improper wearing. You must adjust the headband and the metal strip of the bridge of the nose again. Before adjusting the mask to the proper position, do not enter the air-polluted area.  Precautions  Method/Step 1:   When wearing N95 masks, you must wear them correctly and wear 2 headbands at the same time.  Method/Step 2:   Whether it is wearing an N95 mask or not, it can only reduce the risk of bacterial infection. Other defensive measures must be taken. If you pay attention to personal hygiene and adequate rest, you can strengthen protection.  Method/Step 3:   The following conditions are not suitable for wearing a mask, or you need to seek medical assistance before use. For example: suffering from respiratory diseases, asthma, emphysema, etc.; during pregnancy; if you feel unwell after wearing it, you may be dizzy and have difficulty breathing.  Method/Step 4:   Finally, masks are consumables. Although they cost tens of dollars apiece, they have to be thrown away after time. Don’t be reluctant to wash them. In addition, remember to dry the copper mask when not in use (because water will accumulate in the breathing valve in winter) and put it in a sealed plastic bag to protect its adsorption performance. 245
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