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The difference between disposable masks and disposable medical masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-24
The difference between disposable masks and disposable medical masks At present, during the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, everyone tries to avoid going out and avoiding party activities. Always wear a mask when going out. When wearing a mask, you should choose and try to choose a medical copper mask. So, what is the difference between disposable masks and disposable medical masks? Let's see! Difference 1: Different properties. Disposable masks are made of two layers of airtight masks. Fabric disposable medical masks are mainly made of one or more layers of non-woven fabrics. Difference 2: The main production processes of disposable medical masks with different processes include meltblown, spunbond, hot air or needle punching, etc. They are medical protective textiles. Disposable masks consist of two layers and are dedicated to medical and health-care fiber non-woven fabrics. Difference 3: Different protective effects. Disposable medical masks are equivalent to resisting liquids and filtering particles and bacteria, while disposable masks are mainly used to prevent dust and filter particles. For pneumonia, it is best to use disposable medicine l masks and N95 protective masks, etc. Difference 4: Disposable medical masks with different functions can block the diameter of <5um or close contact with droplets to spread the virus, but disposable masks are unacceptable.
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