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The difference between kn95 mask and n95

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-04
N95 masks and KN95 masks have the same protective effect, but the two are test standards in different countries. kn95 is my country's national standard, and the national NIOSH particulate protective mask standard of n95.    The difference between kn95 and n95 masks  Both masks can prevent the coronavirus pneumonia (SARS) virus. But the specific protection is a little different. KN95 has a filtration efficiency of more than 95% for non-oily particles above 0.075 microns. N95 has a 95% blocking success rate for particles with a diameter of 0.075 microns. The difference between kn95 and n95 masks 1. Hold the mask with one hand, let the headband hang underneath, with the metal nose clip at the fingertips, as shown in Figure 1, and then pull the upper headband to the top of the head and pull the lower headband over Place the top of your head behind your neck, and pay attention to adjusting the twisted straps.  2. Then use both index fingers and fingertips to press down from the middle to both sides to make the metal nose clip conform to the shape of your nose.  3. Finally, do a facial tightness test. Cover the mask with the palms of both hands and exhale forcefully. If you feel gas leaking from the sides of your nose, chin or other parts, you need to readjust the position of the headband and mask and retest until there is no leakage.  4. Then cover the mask with the palms of both hands and breathe in forcefully. If no air leaks from around the mask, it means that the mask fits well with the face.    The difference between kn95 and n95 masks  1. Wearing time can not exceed 4 hours at a time. Because these two masks have high respiratory resistance, continuous wearing will cause lung discomfort, so they can be removed in a safe place such as a ventilated place.   2. The copper mask should be replaced when it is damaged or has been contaminated, the net is blocked, and breathing is difficult.  3. The disposable kn95 and n95 are not reusable after use and need to be replaced.  4. If you want to reuse it, you should sterilize it with alcohol first, put it in a plastic bag, spray it with alcohol, and seal it, and use it the next day.   332
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