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The difference between kn95 mask medical and industrial

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-05
Both the medical KN95 and KN95 protective masks have respiratory protection against particles suspended in the air. However, there are special requirements for the protective masks used in the medical environment. When medical staff perform surgery or treatment on a patient, in order to prevent infection of the patient, the medical mask they wear must be able to block the droplets and bacteria generated by the wearer’s breathing and speech from entering the operating environment, and the mask itself must be hygienic, so Originally, the number of microorganisms on the mask should not exceed the standard, and the exhalation valve is not allowed on the copper mask;    On the other hand, in order to prevent the infectious body fluid generated during surgery or treatment from being splashed on the mask and infiltrating, causing medical staff to be infected. Protective masks must have the ability to resist the penetration of pressured blood. These two requirements are actually the main requirements for medical surgical masks.  Medical N95 masks must have the functions of both KN95 masks and medical surgical masks, while KN95 protective masks do not have the functions of medical surgical masks.   Therefore, it is a misunderstanding that only medical KN95 masks can prevent influenza virus. If you don’t need to protect against body fluids or blood splashes, you only need to protect the air from influenza viruses, infectious droplets or other harmful particles. It is sufficient to use ordinary KN95 respirators or respirators with equivalent performance. 343
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