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The difference between N95 medical protective mask and N95 mask

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-26
manufacturers: The difference between N95 medical protective masks and N95 masks Although there are only two word differences between N95 medical protective masks and N95 masks, they may not be obvious to laymen, but they are also very different in use. The following editor of the mask equipment manufacturer will specifically talk about the difference between the two. 1. The same point has the same protection level, and has passed the N95 level test, in line with the N95 certification of the National Occupational Safety and Health Association of the United States (NIOSH). The diameter of the filtered particles can be as small as 0.3 microns. In the test, particles with a diameter of 0.075 microns were separated, with a success rate of 95%. The diameter of the coronavirus pneumonia virus is about 0.1 to 0.12 microns. Therefore, theoretically, it can be used to prevent influenza viruses, so it can be considered as a standard protective mask to prevent epidemics. Talking about the difference between N95 medical protective masks and N95 masks by mask equipment manufacturers. 2. Difference 1. Protection type: one is a medical protective mask manufacturer, and the other is an industrial copper copper mask. Of course, the corresponding certification standards are different. 2. Scope of application: N95 medical protective masks are used in medical and health industries, such as epidemic prevention stations, hospitals, and disease control centers. N95 masks are used in industrial enterprises such as coal mines, petroleum processing and mining. 3. Functions and uses: N95 medical protective masks can filter out fine particles of dust while protecting viruses; however, N95 dust masks can only effectively block dust, but cannot protect viruses and bacteria well. Talking about the difference between N95 medical protective masks and N95 masks by copper mask equipment manufacturers. 4. Materials used: N95 masks are generally divided into three layers: outer, middle, and inner. Although the filter diameter of the middle filter layer is the same, the materials used for the three layers are different. 5. Liquid protection: Since the N95 medical protective mask has the function of blocking liquid splashes, there is a green hydrophobic protective layer on the outer surface of the copper mask, which can protect the slight splash of liquid or blood. N95 masks do not have this hydrophobic protective layer. For more information on masks, please follow the news section!
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