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The future development and prospects of the medical protective mask industry

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-14
The future development and prospects of the medical protective mask industry In recent years, with the country’s increasing emphasis on personal safety protection and the increasing incidence of occupational diseases such as pneumoconiosis, there is a huge market for professional masks. Industry insiders pointed out that the professional mask market will continue to occupy the market, while the market share of low-end all-gauze masks will continue to decline, which is an inevitable trend. With the improvement of people's living standards, they pay more and more attention to health, and civilian masks will also be specialized. The mask industry also has good development opportunities. According to statistics from China Industry Information Network, China's demand for masks reached 1 billion in 2011. In the next few years, with the continuous growth of China's economy and the improvement of residents' living standards, consumer demand for masks will maintain a trend of rapid growth. , Established in 1999. It is a mechanical equipment manufacturer that develops, manufactures and sells medical protective masks, non-woven beauty products, non-woven travel products, non-woven medical consumables and non-standard automation equipment based on ultrasonic technology. The company has its own professional Ru0026D and design team, as well as a super-skilled finishing, assembly and debugging team, which can customize various non-standard automation equipment according to customer requirements. The automated equipment designed and manufactured for medical protective masks has been widely recognized and praised by more than 1,000 customers at home and abroad. Flat mask machine We know that the flat mask is composed of the copper mask body and ear straps. The traditional flat film machine uses a body-fitting machine to produce a copper mask body, a medical protective mask and then uses an inner/outer ear strap machine to weld the ear straps. In order to achieve the perfect match between the output of the body-fitting machine and the automatic ear tag machine, we need a body-fitting machine combined with the inner and outer ear tag machine to achieve high efficiency of the production line. To a large extent, it is necessary to start with production to produce high-quality masks. A flat mask machine with advanced technology, equipped with high-quality materials, through high-quality and efficient mask production technology, the flat mask produced will never let you down! The flat mask machine produced by Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. has high quality and high efficiency. The production speed is stable at 100-120 sheets per minute. The production process is fully automated to avoid human secondary pollution and ensure quality! For more copper mask information, please pay attention to the mask product column!
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