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The manufacturing process of medical masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-19
The production process of medical masks 1. Why can wearing masks prevent infectious diseases? 1. Avoid spreading viruses or bacteria to others. Reason: Coughing and sneezing can easily spread pathogens. Wearing a copper mask can reduce the spread of droplets. 2. Avoid being infected by viruses or bacteria. Reason: Masks have the function of filtering particles such as dust and droplets, and different masks have different filtering efficiencies. Different 3. Masks mainly prevent diseases spread by air or droplets. Reason: Masks are not a panacea to prevent the spread of diseases. The most important thing to prevent diseases is to pay attention to personal hygiene. 2. Why do patients wear masks? 1. Avoid infecting others with your own droplets. Usually, most droplets are blocked by the filter material of the copper mask when they leave the mouth and nasal cavity. 2. Weak resistance when sick: avoid infection with other pathogens. 3. People who have a fever, cough or sneeze should wear a mask. This is a good habit to protect the health of others. 3. When should I wear a mask? 1. Medical staff: when in contact with patients. 2. People: When you cough or sneeze, or when you visit a patient. 3. Under normal circumstances, healthy people do not need to wear a mask. 4. When to use multiple masks correctly? 1. Ordinary masks or gauze masks: They can only filter larger particles and can only be used in routine cleaning tasks. 2. : It can block 5 micron particles above 90 microns and must be replaced every day, but if it is damaged or soiled, it must be replaced immediately. Suitable for people who suffer from cold, fever, cough, etc. Use it when you have symptoms of inhalation and when you go to a hospital or other places without ventilation to watch movies. 3. Activated carbon mask: can absorb organic gas and toxic dust, does not have sterilization function, requires strong breathing or cannot absorb peculiar smell, it must be replaced immediately, suitable for painting or spraying pesticides. 4. N95 mask: It can block more than 95 sub-micron particles and has a high respiratory impedance. Not suitable for frequent use by ordinary people, and repeated use should be avoided. 5. How to use masks correctly? 1. Read the instructions first. 2. Pay attention to whether the position of the mask is correct. 3. If there are two ropes fixed up and down, please descend first and then ascend. 4. Set the note type count. 5. Replace in time. 6. Pay attention to hygiene and disinfection when removing the mask. 6. How long can the mask last? Generally speaking, the shelf life of N95 masks is 5 years, the shelf life of surgical masks is 3 years, and the shelf life of ordinary masks is 3 years, but it must be marked on the outer box. Mainly, its storage method will also affect the shelf life. After the expiration of the storage period, the protective power of the copper mask will gradually decrease. 7. How to store the mask? 1. Avoid long-term direct sunlight. 2. Clean, dry and ventilated storage environment. 3. Avoid being contaminated by bacteria and other accessories. 4. Do not continue to use: there are dangers of pollution, damage, deformation, dirt, peculiar smell, and increased breathing resistance. 8. Misunderstanding: Is it better to wear N95 masks? 1. N95 mask has high filtration efficiency, but high respiratory impedance. Unless there is a high risk of exposure, this is not recommended. 2. Medical staff choose masks. The larger the dangerous area, the higher the protection level of the mask. 3. When wearing N95 masks, pay attention to the tightness of the face. Common leaks are the position of the bridge of the nose and chin.
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