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The mask manufacturer tells you how to choose a mask correctly

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-06
Masks are now a very important product in people's lives. For example, people with allergies and in winter can wear them when they travel. Masks are used in the medical care industry and industrial production industries, so how to choose a copper mask correctly? In response to this problem, the mask manufacturer will explain it for everyone. When we choose masks, many people actually only pay attention to the number of layers of masks, but the information about the production date and useful life of masks is often not very noticeable. In particular, medical masks have been approved to be marketed as medical devices, while degreasing gauze masks are generally not managed as medical devices. Therefore, when choosing a medical mask, it can be judged whether it is marked with a production license number and a registration certificate. In addition, when purchasing, you also need to pay attention to the appearance and shape of the copper mask. The appearance of the mask is neat and uniform, free of damage and stains, odorless and tasteless, and the size conforms to the scale specified by the specification. At the same time, check the basic information of the product. In addition to the title of the product, the specification model, the manufacturer, the compliance number, and the agreement number of the product, you must also pay attention to the date of production and the useful life. Generally, the useful life of masks is two years. Otherwise, it is best to have a small independent package. Regarding how to choose a copper mask correctly, the mask manufacturer will explain to you here. For more exciting content, please pay attention to this site. At the same time, please call our company to buy this product.
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