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The masks on the market consumer choice should pay attention to several principles

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-05
Now everyone knows people wearing masks, travel, mainly because now often appear around the fog weather, lead to demand for mask is also more and more in the market now. But many users do not know how to choose the mask, select mouth village is actually need to pay attention to several principles, then small make up of disposable surgical masks to give users a simple introduction, hope can help to you. Must first pay attention to the efficiency of dust masks, dust masks the resistance of the efficiency of the high and low for its of fine dust, especially for micro 5 meters below the dust efficiency as standard. Because the particle size of dust can directly into the alveoli, the effects on the human body health is the largest. General gauze masks and the principle of dust is a mechanical filter, which is when the dust into gauze, after - Layer upon layer of blocks, will be cut off some of the large particles of dust in the sand cloth. But for some fine dust, especially less than 5 micron dust, will wear in the past, from the gauze mesh into the respiratory system. Abroad have a bit of a copper mask, the filter material is composed of filled with permanent anti-static fiber, the smaller the 5 micron dust through the process of this kind of filter material, is captured by the electrostatic attraction and adsorption in the filter material to fine dust, dust was real. Followed by a mask and the degree of the face in the shape of a closed, the air is like water, where small resistance will be the first to flow. When the shape and the face mask is not closed, as will never closed in danger in the air leak into, enter the human respiratory tract. So, even if you choose filter material again good mask. Can protect your health. Now many overseas regulatory standards, workers should be masks and test on a regular basis. Purpose in order to ensure that workers use less appropriate respirator and in the correct steps to wear masks. The last point is to wear comfortable, require breathing resistance is smaller, lighter weight, wear health, maintenance is convenient. Working talent will be happy to stick to wear in the workplace and to improve the work efficiency. Foreign maintenance-free type of face mask, now don't have to clean or replace parts, after saturated or dust masks worn or discarded, that is to ensure that the mask health and was relieved from the maintenance workers face mask of time and effort. And many masks are using arched shape, can guarantee and the face shape and good and can be in the mouth and nose to retain a certain space, comfortable to wear.
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