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The protection principle of dust masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-18
The role of dust masks, as the name suggests, is to prevent the inhalation of dust. The key to its role lies in the performance of the filter material, mainly:   1, the fiber fineness of the filter material   , which is expressed in terms of fiber diameter and the unit is micron. Generally, the fiber diameter of the filter material used for dust masks is preferably less than 5 microns. The diameter of the commonly used polypropylene ultrafine fiber is 4.0 microns, and the fiber diameter of the perchloroethylene ultrafine fiber filter material is less than 2 microns. The absorption of the fiber is positively related to the dust suppression efficiency, that is, the finer the fiber, the higher the dust suppression efficiency.  2, the composition structure of the filter material   The organizational structure of the filter material is related to the production process of the filter material. The current forming processes of synthetic fiber non-woven filter material mainly include acupuncture method, direct injection method, bonding method, hot melt method, etc. The hot melt injection molding method is mostly used, and with this method, two or more kinds of    different fiber materials can be used for composite molding, which improves the efficiency of dust resistance, and is relatively soft and has good air permeability.  3, the chargeability of the filter material  The size of the filter material belt classic two is positively correlated with the composition efficiency, that is, the greater the amount of static charge, the higher the dust resistance efficiency. When dust passes through the filter material, the following occurs:    (1) Collision retention: When the particle size of the dust is larger than the gap between the filter material fibers, the dust collides on the surface of the filter material, and changes direction due to the reaction of inertia and force, resulting in sedimentation and stickiness. Attached to the surface of the filter material.   (2) Hooking effect: There are burrs on the fiber. When the dust passes through the filter material, it is hooked by the burrs on the fiber to prevent the particles from penetrating.  (3) Multi-layer filtration: The filter material is made of superfine fibers lapped and woven into a net, and it has a multi-layered three-dimensional structure. When the dust passes through the filter material, it is intercepted layer by layer.   (4) Electrostatic effect: The filter material has an electrostatic charge, which repels the dust particles of quite polarity, while it has an adsorption effect on the dust particles of the opposite sex, that is, the dust is captured. 364
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