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The protective effect of anti-coronavirus masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-18
Anti-coronavirus, medical protective masks protective effect Anti-coronavirus, medical protective masks are good protective equipment, it is recommended to wear when there is serious environmental pollution or sudden medical infectious diseases, to prevent viruses from patients or the environment from being used The spread of the person. The following is an introduction to what is the anti-coronavirus medical protective copper mask:    anti-coronavirus, medical protective masks have the protective properties of surgical masks and particulate protective masks. They are used in hospitals and can filter and block particles in the air. Protective masks for droplets, blood, body fluids and secretions are also Class II medical device products and must comply with the mandatory standard GB19083-2010. Anti-coronavirus and medical protective masks are also surgical masks, so exhalation valves are not allowed to prevent droplets produced by the wearer from being discharged through the exhalation valve to contaminate the surgical wound; many anti-coronavirus medical protective masks use the blue-green appearance shown This is just a habit in the medical industry, and the material on the outer surface of the copper mask has a barrier effect on body fluid splashing. In this regard, non-medical particulate protective masks are usually not considered.   On the surface, it is difficult to distinguish between disposable masks and medical surgical masks. The disposable masks used in hospitals belong to Class I medical devices. The products have medical product registration certificates. The pharmaceutical industry has no standards for such products, and manufacturers only produce according to corporate standards. Medical disposable masks do not have the protective function of blocking body fluid splashing, and the filtration efficiency of droplets is also uncertain, and cannot be used for surgical operations. 387
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