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The role of non-woven activated carbon masks is

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-21
What is the role of activated carbon masks? Activated carbon masks can effectively block harmful gases such as benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde, peculiar smells, and foul smells in the air to protect human health. The filtering principle of activated carbon masks is to absorb all harmful gases into the voids through the activated carbon layer filter material inside the mask.  The role of activated carbon masks  1. Anti-virus, deodorizing, filtering bacteria, dust-proof and other functions.  2. It is especially suitable for occasions containing organic gases, acidic volatiles, pesticides, sulfur dioxide and other irritating gases, with significant anti-virus and deodorizing effects.  3. It can effectively prevent the dust that ordinary masks can't work and a variety of bacteria spread by the respiratory tract. It is an ideal protective product for medical, chemical, spraying workshop, leather industry, and sanitation units. 4. Activated carbon masks can effectively block harmful gases such as benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde, peculiar smell and malodor in the air, and protect human health. It has stronger adsorption than ordinary ordinary masks. The filtering effect of harmful gases and liquids is ordinary 30 times the copper mask. The activated carbon component in the activated carbon mask has strong adsorption performance, which can adsorb gas (impurities and harmful substances in the air), liquid or colloidal solid on the surface of the activated carbon mask; for gas, liquid, the quality of the adsorbed material of the activated carbon mask Can be close to the quality of activated carbon itself.   How long does the activated carbon mask last?    The activated carbon mask can be used for about an hour in a newly decorated environment; it can be used for three or four days in a relatively clean environment; if it is in a very clean environment, it can be used for one month. Because the activated carbon mask is physically adsorbed, it will absorb whether it is good or bad, and it will saturate very quickly. Even if it looks new, it is actually useless.   At this time, you can’t just keep changing the activated carbon masks because they are still very new. In this case, it may affect your health. Therefore, after using for a certain period of time in the above environment, you should replace it with a new activated carbon mask. The above is the introduction to the role of activated carbon masks provided by the editor of the labor insurance network. I hope it will be helpful for you to understand activated carbon masks! Activated carbon masks are based on several materials and have the dual effects of anti-virus and dust, but use environmentally harmful substances. If the concentration is higher, it is recommended to use a gas mask for protection. 135
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