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The surgical masks of shallow filtering principles exactly

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-15
Analyses what the filtration principle of surgical masks masks is one of the most popular everyday products we use in everyday life, we are all familiar with. There are many kinds of, however the sort of masks masks actually there are many kinds of, today is to introduce to you what is the filter principle of surgical masks, disposable masks below small make up is to give users a simple introduction, below it and see it together. Brownian motion: as the particle size is too small and vulnerable to other continuous collision of gas molecules, causing their trajectory is random Brownian motion, adsorbed on the surface of fiber, and the smaller the particle, the stronger the effect. Intercept particle size is too big, cannot penetrate fiber gap, then capture directly by the fiber surface, the bigger the particle size of particles of the better the results. Inertial impact inertia is the continuous nature of the particles themselves movement, if gas and suspended particles at the same rate of filter cloth and filter material, the gas will change the direction of flow with holes in the filter material, the larger particles will be because of inertia causes the flow direction, still maintain the original and the impact on the filter material, to achieve the function of the filter. The quality and the faster the speed of the particles, the greater the filtering effect is better. Electrostatic attraction: because fiber charged, induce adsorbed on the surface of fiber, very fine grain size is smaller, the quality of the lighter particles are attracted more easily; Settlement: settlement caused by the gravity of the particles themselves directly, and is captured by the filter material; The greater the quality, the more opportunities. Choose to prevent mist haze masks, to look at the standards of masks, observe the product packaging and ontology, see if there was a clear recognised standards, some manufacturer no through standard certification, promoting their conforms to the standard, should pay attention to these problems; When the choose and buy should pay attention to see the mask packing instructions, whether its material which conforms to the standard; See a mask of the brand, choose regular manufacturers and well-known brand, there will be guaranteed. In addition, most surgical masks are disposable, can't use after cleaning and using, if you find that surgical masks has expired, new masks should be replaced immediately. Labour protection glove store must pay special attention to what to choose according to the national standard copper mask just four steps
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