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The use of activated carbon masks in everyday life cycle is long

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-03
Along with the social development, air pollution has become more and more severe, people travel will wear masks. Type of face mask is also more and more on the market, disposable masks small make up today is to introduce to you the use of activated carbon masks cycle is long, the following and see it together. Everyone know activated carbon masks in decorate environment to be able to use an hour or so. If can be used in a cleaner environment three or four days; If in a very clean environment can be used a month's time. Because the activated charcoal mask is physical adsorption, so no matter good or bad it is adsorption, saturation is also soon, however, even if the mask looks very new, is already saturated doesn't do anything. So in daily life we can't because of the activated carbon masks still very new, was temporarily don't change, it is wrong, is likely to affect people's health. You must pay attention to in use after a certain period of time has to be replaced a new activated carbon masks.
how long does it take to copper mask change in daily life?
the development in society, is known to all, however in many parts of the air quality are also gradually decline, frequently, sandstorm weather causes a lot of places, people travel is to wear dust masks, copper mask, however, how long does it usually wear for replacement, disposable masks below small make up will come under the simple introduction to the customers. PM2。 5 mask often need to replace the PM2 resistance within 2 days. 5 mask. Professional PM2. Respirators as 5 N99 mask N95 mask, etc. , use two days later will be replaced, otherwise don't have very good protection effect. In addition, the wear masks are not suitable for a long time, because they are good air-tightness, it is easy to cause people breath mask of oxygen, and so on and so forth. You can choose according to the daily air quality whether to wear professional PM2. 5 mask. If air quality is good, you can choose to ordinary dust mask. Take PM2. 5 filter mask can replace PM2. 5 filter mask every 8 - usually Replaced every 10 days, it is recommended that every 2 - Clean masks for 3 days. This type of mask is a kind of filter, prevent the PM2. 5 mask mask internal copper mask in public antibacterial function. Filter is usually a one-off, usually for 8 to 10 days ( Eight hours a day) 。 If the stain on the filter, please change immediately.

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