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The user to select dust mask should consider four details?

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-15
With the rapid development of society, the natural environment pollution is more and more serious, leading people to travel are all need to wear masks to travel, many people will choose to buy dust mask, then dust mask are you really know, purchase method of disposable masks below small make up to give users a simple introduce what details, to consider the following and see it together. Safety performance, before ordering dust mask, can ask experts to understand the dust mask is applicable to the corresponding working environment. According to the GB2626 - 2006 standard is the current domestic protection grade of the highest copper mask N100 copper mask, of ultrafine dust filtration efficiency is as high as 99. 97%, can meet the needs of the vast majority of the working conditions. Comfort, usually choose close to human skin tactility dust mask made of materials more comfortable, currently on the market the most meet is advanced medical silicone material as the main body of the mask; Filter cotton low respiratory resistance must be at the same time, can avoid to use in the process of breathing difficulties. Convenient, practical, and the actual use of people didn't have much time to do a mask, so be sure to choose a good convenience convenient wear dust mask. Masks and face together, should also be considered at the same time maximize avoid air filter cotton without respirator filter directly from the face mask and facial gap between into the respiratory tract. The last point is to consider whether to buy copper mask is economy, so the user to choose dust mask with long service life, good quality, so as to better prevent the effect of the dust.

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