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The validity of the disposable aseptic mask is analysed

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-31
In the continuous development of society, living standard is improving, but have done serious damage to natural environment, however, lead to now, there was many places all over the country haze weather, people would wear masks when travel. But now people will wear disposable sterile mask, then today small make up of disposable surgical masks to the masses of users under the simple introduction of disposable sterile masks the knowledge of the respect, the validity of the following is together and see it. Disposable sterile masks how long is the period of validity? Many consumers are often ask this question, and will ask can't reuse is disposable sterile masks? Disposable sterile mask is generally use 6 - actually Eight hours just need to change, and both sides of the mask cannot be used interchangeably, because the outer layer of the mask tend to accumulate a lot of dust from the outside air, bacteria and other contaminants. The layer block, and the breath bacteria, saliva, if two sides used interchangeably, would cling to the ground by the outer some dirt substances such as tubers close to the nose and mouth, so that it enters the body through the respiratory tract, affect human body health. After using copper mask, one should also note that puts it into the clean inside the envelope, and at the time of deposit, must be close to the nose and mouth folded in a face, avoid by all means literally into a pocket or hanging around his neck. In addition, also note the disposable respirator use the period of validity, unfavorable use expired, it can only be used once, after use must be destroyed. If when buy, found that the situation of the damaged packaging, must not purchase or use, also note its date of production, when buy must buy production soon. Disposable sterile mask we all know, it can bring great convenience to our life. Especially in fog weather, go out wearing disposable sterile mask can prevent the air pollution. Children's immunity is poor, vulnerable to infection, and children wear disposable masks can help block the virus, rest assured.

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