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There are several types of kn95 masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-03
The Spring Festival in 2020 is a bit unusual. Due to the epidemic, we responded to the call to stay at home during the originally peaceful Spring Festival, and masks that were not originally necessary for life have become more nervous. After two months of hard work, our country has finally overcome the difficulties and basically solved the epidemic. Compared with the various problems that other countries have dealt with overseas, we are deeply grateful to be in China and feel proud of being Chinese. Even if the epidemic is over, it will also change our lifestyle. For example, we will learn the habit of wearing masks in public in the future.   I bought a few packs of masks on JD as a spare a year ago, and purchased six packs of disposable masks at community pharmacies during the Chinese New Year. In his free time every day, Lao Jiang will also take a look at whether JD and TB have masks for sale, hoping to buy some spares. When we choose masks or see the news about copper mask models, we will hear the N95 model. What is this model? Why do we see KN95 on the Internet, and what is the difference between other models like 9501V and 9001V?   In this article, Lao Jiang learned about the difference between N95 and KN95 masks through searching and self-learning, and what we need to pay attention to when choosing.   The N95 mask we often say, this type of mask is in line with the NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) standard, and the filtration efficiency of the N95 mask for particles with aerodynamic diameter ≥ 0.3 µm reaches more than 95% of non-oily particles. N means that it is not suitable for oily particles (the fume produced by cooking is oily particles, and the droplets produced by people talking or coughing are non-oily particles). 95 means that the filtration efficiency can reach 95%. If the mask can meet the N95 standard, And those that have passed the NIOSH review of particle filtration, we can all be called N95 masks.    What is the concept of N95 masks?   After checking, in the standards formulated by NIOSH, N95 is the lower standard for infection protection, and the price is relatively cheap. N95 masks are generally used for occupational respiratory protection, including microbial particles. We see that the official recommendation is that if you can buy N95 masks, it is the best, because the biggest feature is that it can prevent droplet infection. According to the standard, medical staff need to use N95 standard + masks.   Now that we see N95, are there other models? Old Jiang also sorted out that N95 is a lower standard, and there must be a higher standard. Other levels of NIOSH certified anti-particulate masks also include: N95, N99, N100, R95, R99, R100, P95, P99, P100, a total of 9 types. N means not resistant to oil, suitable for non-oily particles; R means resistant to oil, suitable for oily or non-oily particles, if used for protection of oily particles, the use time should not exceed 8 hours. P means oil proof, suitable for oily or non-oily particles. If it is used for oily particles, the use time should follow the manufacturer's recommendations. The following number indicates the protective filtering capacity. 99 means that the filtration efficiency is above 99%, and 100 means that the filtration efficiency is above 99.7%.   When we search and buy masks online or buy masks in pharmacies, we may also see KN95. What is the difference between this and N95? KN95 conforms to the Chinese GB2626 mandatory standard, and the filtration efficiency of non-oily particles is ≥95%. N95 is the certification level of American respirators. We see that the former of these two models is a Chinese standard. The latter is an American standard, but the level and technical requirements and test methods are consistent, and the filtration efficiency must reach 95% under the corresponding standard. The symbols N, KN, and FFP refer to the United States, China, and Europe, and the following numbers refer to the corresponding percentage filtering. In fact, when we buy masks, we can see that there are various N95 models of masks. Of course, there may also be fake ones. For example, you can buy 3M brand. N95 is just the filter level of the copper mask. There are differences in size, appearance, etc. Style.   In short, when we choose any mask, you need to look at the mask model, filter level, and whether it is suitable for our use. Generally, our 8210 and 8110S are more common and cost-effective. And for the current tight masks, we can’t buy N95 masks. We can also use disposable medical masks. After all, our protection level does not need to be particularly high. The best way is to reduce going out, and staying at home is the best The way. 357
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