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True and false of 3 m respirator should be how to identify

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-24
True and false of 3 m respirator should be how to identify with the air pollution is more and more serious, many places in haze weather, people will buy anti-fog haze masks to protect the health of the body, due to the increase in demand for 3 m masks, 3 m respirators fakes on the market is more and more, consumers will buy easy to fake 3 m masks, so how to identify true and false of 3 m masks, disposable masks below small make up is to give users a simple introduction, hope can help to you. General packaging, to 3 m respirator for the first time to see the mask outside packing, real 3 m mask packing four sides are words or English description, look at the packing of the products, fake 3 m mask carton is relatively thin, pay attention to the bottom of the carton. Secondly, 3 m China in order to facilitate users to distinguish true and false, commonly used on the 3 m mask package carries an anti-counterfeit label for the color change the sealing. When an anti-counterfeit label for the line of sight with vertical, the color of the label from left to right respectively colorless, black, and red; When an anti-counterfeit label for the line of sight and tilt Angle, colorless into turquoise, and the right of the fusion as a red and black color. If there is no any color anti-counterfeiting labels, instructions are false 3 m masks. Shape, copper mask shape design is a real 3 m face shape, convenient the wearer with a more comfortable, also does not have too many cracks appear, face shape is better than mimic many wide; And imitation is round, not conform to the design of the face, wear up rigor is tight. Smell, it's 3 m masks of non-toxic, tasteless, no allergy, if a stimulating odour is definitely false. But there are customers reflect why appraisal is really 3 m masks, opened the package or will it have some peculiar smell? This is because 3 m mask odor from mask material, such as head, rubber nose clips, adhesive and so on. If found to have peculiar smell can open the packaging, to 3 m mask placed in a clean and ventilated environment after a period of time, taste to dissipate after use. Touched the mask sheet metal, metal nose clip on real 3 m masks to mask the surface adhesion is very tight, no matter how you use hand according to the sheet metal, authenticity is not cracked, close to on the fabric, there is no vacancy; False 3 m mask according to the sheet metal will release, showing a lot of space. If with the hand a loose or aperture mask must be false. Wipe lettering, it's 3 m mask you use hand to wipe, won't rub off, because it is to use laser printing up; False true 3 m masks will see fade, in order to save costs, the printing technology also is very poor. More masks line, authentic edge part of the sewing is very good, no redundant thread saw; Imitations of sewing technology is more rough, line clearly seen. Four steps of disposable masks worn right types and the suitable environment introduction of work gloves in China
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