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Under what circumstances must I wear a mask?

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-12
PM2.5 always exists in the air. A small amount of PM2.5 will not affect the human body. Don’t panic too much. You can refer to the air quality information issued by the Meteorological Department to choose when to wear a mask. When there is a haze yellow or orange warning, When you go out with a high PM2.5 index, you should choose N95 masks. Peng Yingdeng emphasized that the higher the efficiency of the mask to filter suspended particles, the more effort it takes to breathe. It is prone to hypoxia and chest tightness when worn for a long time. If you want to wear an N95 medical mask, the time should not be too long. The elderly have respiratory systems and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. People with illness should pay special attention to it. Once they feel uncomfortable, they should take it off as soon as possible. In addition, Zhang Jinliang also reminded that masks are also a great barrier to air. The air we exhale will repeatedly enter the respiratory tract, which also affects our health. We must take it off for ventilation after wearing it for half an hour. In order to ensure the protective effect of the mask, it should be worn as close to the skin as possible and replaced every two days.
Why wearing a copper mask can prevent infectious diseases?
(1) Avoid spreading viruses or bacteria to others.  1. It is easy to spread pathogens when coughing and sneezing  2. Wearing a mask can reduce the spread of droplets   (2) Prevent yourself from being infected by viruses or bacteria.   1. Masks have the function of filtering particles such as dust and droplets.     2. Different masks have different filtering efficiencies and different uses.     (3) Masks mainly prevent diseases that are transmitted by air or droplets.  1. Masks are not a panacea for preventing disease transmission  2. The most important thing to prevent disease is to pay attention to personal hygiene
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