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Under what circumstances should 3M masks be replaced?

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-12
When the 3M copper mask is used for a period of time, its filtration efficiency will also be reduced to none. Generally, 3M masks should be replaced immediately when the following situations occur:   1, the particles adsorbed by the copper mask are too high, and the user obviously feels that breathing is blocked;   2, the parts are damaged, aging, broken or invalid (such as broken, loose, nose Clipping off, falling off, damage to the mask body, deformation, etc.);   3, the mask is contaminated, such as liquid splashing, contact with patients or suspected patients, they need to be replaced immediately. The dust concentration is different in different environments, the time of use of each person is different, the dust holding capacity of various dust masks are different, and the maintenance methods are different. These will affect the service life of 3M masks, so there is no way to uniformly specify the specific 3M mask replacement time. .  From an economic point of view, if the above situation does not occur, 3M masks can continue to be used. However, long-term use of 3M masks will cause hygiene problems, and serious infections will also bring harm to infectious diseases. Deprei's editor suggests that it is better to replace them every day.  Can 3M masks be washed with water to extend the use time?  3M masks can be reused, but once the masks are washed, they cannot be used again. Because all 3M masks are made of high-electrostatic filter material, the particulate matter and PM2.5 in the air are filtered through electrostatic adsorption. They cannot be washed with water, otherwise the filtering ability of the material will be destroyed.    The above is what Deprei editor provides for you. 'How long can 3M masks last?' I hope it will help you understand 3M masks! Finally, from the perspective of hygiene, it is recommended to use 3M masks for 2 to 3 days. The frequency of replacement varies from person to person. The external environment is dusty. The larger the size, the dirtier the air, and the more dust adsorbed on the filter cotton of the mask, and the replacement is relatively more frequent.
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