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User selects the dust mask is analysed generally pay attention to what time is it?

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-28
Natural environment is becoming more and more bad, now many cities there will be fog weather, people travel will wear dust masks, to protect the physical health. Some specific work environment is the need to use dust mask, then the user should be how to choose the copper mask, what should pay attention to, take a look at it below. Before using a mask, please consult the industrial hygiene or occupational safety experts to determine whether your mask is suitable for your work environment. Products do not provide oxygen. Only in the ventilation and there is enough oxygen to sustain life situations. When the oxygen content lower than 19%, please do not use mask. When the concentration of pollutants in the workplace to achieve direct threat to the health and life, do not use mask. Don't be used in explosive environment. If breathing difficulties or nausea or other unpleasant happens, please quickly leave the job site and fresh oxygen. Hell beard or other facial features may affect the use effect of dust mask. In all cases do not change the mask, do not need to maintain. Should be discarded after use mask. Before use to keep the masks in the box to avoid direct sunlight. Activated carbon copper mask can effectively remove peculiar smell, but cannot be used for filtering of poisonous gas. Allow the concentration of various chemicals, please refer to the local relevant manuals.

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