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Users should be how to differentiate between medical surgical masks in the outside

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-25
Users should be how to differentiate between medical surgical masks in speaking of is not all strange masks should all outside, often used to daily life, however, as surgical masks foreign put, many users will buy surgical masks, however a lot of people for medical surgical masks the inner and outer silly don't know, how should the user to distinguish between medical surgical masks in outside, disposable masks below small make up will come under the simple introduction to the customers. You can judge according to the color of the mask, general manufacturer at the time of production in order to facilitate clinical when used to distinguish, outer layer of the light blue or dark; The inner layer is white or light color more. But this method does not apply to mask inside and outside the same colour. Can also according to touch touch to make judgment, because the outer layer due to block water function, more smooth surface; And the inner layer due to moisture absorption, choose the material with good permeability, more is more exquisite, comfortable good. Can also according to the nose clip position judgment, nose clip ( Metal bar) The layering in the outer layer, and generally not in the inner layer. One side of the plastic article more outstanding is usually outside. After wearing masks, the wearer used two hands press the nose clip, can make the mask with nose, facial fit closely, nose clip in the outer layer, more convenient in shape. Can also according to ruffle direction judgment, metal strip ( Nose clip) And creases on the down side to outside, one side of the fold up for inside. The purpose of this design is to avoid fluid collection, when there is blood, body fluids, splash of masks, spitting does not stored up in masks folds; The last way is by its waterproof performance, not suction side to the outside, suction side to inside. This method can be used for simple test surgical masks of waterproof, moisture absorption, but doesn't fit before each wear masks to identify the inside and outside. The disposable masks of shallow material safety? The characteristics of the Labour protection glove of cycling gloves
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