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Users to buy and use the masks should pay attention to what issues?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-09
People wearing masks, travel, mainly to prevent dust and bacteria in the air, so many users in using and purchasing method is not correct, so small make up today to give users a simple introduce users to buy and use a mask should pay attention to what issues? From the test environment, as long as a sample in the sample rate of always conform to the national standard, the rest of the sample and always rate does not match the entreaty. Other, resistance tests will affect customer's breathing feel the infection, the greater the resistance, the wearer can feel 'suppress panic', its comfort, the worse. Is, on the premise of not lost filtering efficiency, products masks should just even lost breathing resistance. Customer mask before the choose and buy, can through the customer association system and product quality supervision and coherent information, know the coherent product quality information, choice in their own products. Coherent to clarify the customer on the product packaging to rationality, do not want credulous undesirable businessman false preach, avoid being deceived. Reply haze weather should choose filtering the results better prevent haze masks, the match test result, disposable masks filter results better; With respiratory system diseases and the elderly, children should not be wearing breathing resistance larger products; Because a person's face individual, best try, after assuming wear or owe good, will affect the filtering result.

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