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Users to buy masks is not protection grade, the higher the better

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-27
Users to buy masks is not protection grade, the higher the better KN mask series products can effectively stop the fine particulate matter, English letters behind the Numbers, the greater the degree of protection is higher. As a result, many people think that buy a KN95 masks do not have a thing. But according to medical experts, it's not. 'Disposable masks its prevention prevention is not equal to reality, a can and your face masks of joint, far higher than a nominal prevention ability of face mask is much better. Director of zhongnan hospital respiratory doctor Cheng Zhen suitable think, when residents buy masks, should buy clothes is the same as 'try'. How to distinguish the mask is a 'fit'? Cheng Zhen suitable proposal, residents in try wearing a mask, but the hands five fingers slightly bend and fold, the button on the right and left sides of the mask, respectively, to carry on the deep breath, if masks are tight around the suction in facial ministry, suggests that masks and sex is good, need to adjust again conversely. If the mask after repeated adjustment is still leakage, suggests that masks 'size' and face don't fit. In addition to the 'size', although some masks to prevent the same degree, but the material is different, resulting in a price difference. Cheng Zhen suitable remind, copper mask is not as expensive as possible, material appropriate own skin, wearing comfortable, is also very important. Some residents in environmental pollution is not serious when, also choose the high protection grade masks, uncomfortable. 'I think wearing masks, like to wear clothes are the same, can give full consideration to mask the wearing comfort and protection, according to the situation change every day. 'Cheng Zhen shun said, for example, for example, when the air pollution is not serious, wearing KN90 mask. In serious environmental pollution, the wear KN95 masks, and try to reduce go out. In addition, the residents when choosing the haze masks, can choose masks with breather valve, it can make breathing more fluent. Analyses the user to wear latex gloves when what should pay attention to what is standard of N95 respirator
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