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Want to know how masks are classified?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-22
Masks are a kind of sanitary products. Generally, they are worn on the mouth and nose to filter the air entering the mouth and nose, so as to block harmful gases, odors, droplets, viruses and other substances. The masks are made of gauze or paper. The air entering the lungs has a certain filtering effect. When respiratory infectious diseases are prevalent, when working in dust and other polluted environments, wearing a copper mask has a very good effect. kn95 respirator masks can be divided into air filter respirators and air-supply respirators; copper mask classification: series: protection of non-oily suspended particles without time limit; series: protection of non-oily suspended particles and sweat oily suspended particles with a time limit of eight hours series: protection of non-oily suspended particles Particles and sweat-oily suspended particles have no time limit; when the carrier of some particles is oily, and these substances attached to the electrostatic non-woven fabric will reduce the electrical properties and allow fine dust to penetrate. Therefore, the anti-aerosol-containing filter material must be passed through Special electrostatic treatment to achieve the purpose of preventing fine dust. 411
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