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Wear dust mask correct up. the method

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-27
Wear correct up. the methods common myth: compared with half rubber dust masks, safety protection effect is low, and poor, a lot of people think the material of rubber is more resilient, think it's more easy and your face is closed. Disposable masks small make up feel influence or effect not only depends on the elasticity of the material, depends more on the design of the mask, mask with the confirmation of elastic material, easy stretchability, weight and the mask and head with matching, etc. , those who have influence or effect. : for ways to wear structure although simple, but application is not simple. Select and apply appropriate respirator is just the first step of safety protection, safety protection to really play effect, must correct application, this includes not only wear to use manual, ensure every wearing parts (right Don't spill) , also must adhere to wear in the pick up dust homework, timely treatment mask ineffective phenomenon, replaced immediately. Different environment is not the same as the dust concentration of dust, each person is not the same as the time of application of various is not the same as the amount of dust capacity, and its application is not the same as the way of maintenance, those are all affect the service life of the mask, so there is no specific replacement time method unified requirements. When the other parts of the failure, rupture and loss ( If nose clip, nose clip pad) , and feel the breathing resistance increased obviously, should scrap the whole mask. Both gas and dust, and other filter components should not be washed, or it will destroy the filter components. Applications if the other feel uncomfortable, such as belt too tight, the high resistance, do not allow unauthorised changes to the head, length, or nasal GaLong pine, etc. , should consider to choose more comfortable masks or other types of respirator, good breathing apparatus suitable for users, not only should have certain comfort and durability, and performance in respiratory resistance increased slowly ( Large amount of dust capacity) Light, masks, head, it's not that easy to loose, mask it is not easy to fall, nose clip, or head, fixed firmly, material no smell and no irritating to the skin. Nitrile rubber gloves instructions and matters needing attention before the use of protective gloves should be how to appearance inspection
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