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Wearing masks should pay attention to the notes and correct use

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-18
The correct way of using the mask
( 1) Before wearing masks, and take off the mask must wash your hands before and after; ( 2) To let the mask to the face: (1) a face mask color, metal side up; (2) fasten the rope fixed mask, or masks of the rubber band around the ears, make the mask to the face; (3) mask should be completely cover nose and mouth and chin; (4) put the mask on the metal pieces on both sides along the bridge of the nose by the tight, make the mask to the face. ( 3) After wearing masks, masks to avoid touch, in case of lower protection; If you must touch masks, I'll have to wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching. ( 4) When take off the mask, should try to avoid touching mask to part, because this part may have been infected with germs. ( 5) After take off the mask, wrap them in tape or paper bags, add the covered the trashcan dumping. ( 6) Mask to replace every day at least once, mask if there is any breakage or stain, should be replaced immediately. Wear disposable surgical masks
the specific steps to introduce
everybody in daily life, we should also wear a mask, a lot of people will think that wearing a mask, it is very simple, no need to pay attention to, would never have thought of wearing disposable surgical masks or need step by step, so small make up today to give the user a simple introduction, hope can help to you. Life insurance to thoroughly clean hands, and then a face mask color, metal soft article up, organ type fold down. The mask should be fixed after the rope around the ear, fingers the metal article soft light on the bridge of the nose, dragging folds down to cover mouth and nose, and the lower jaw. Press the metal soft article to close to the bridge of the nose and face, completely determine the mask edge joint face and does not hinder the breath. After wear masks should avoid to touch the face masks.
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