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What about the lead time of Copper Socks from placing a order to delivery?
Harvest SPF Textile Co., Ltd. can provide an estimated time period for you. If you ask for a detailed exact waiting time, please contact us directly. In fact, there are many factors can significantly influence our lead time, such as the order processing period, time for raw material purchase, ending inventory, and scheduled order quantity. To shorten the lead time as much as possible, we ensure a smooth supply chain and trace the flows from us all the way to the freight companies. We will calculate the lead time and provide you with an exact time period before you place the order. Please rest assured that the products will be delivered to you within our appointed time.
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Copper Plus is a dependable firm which is famous because of its antibacterial clothing. Various in styles, Copper Plus's Copper Sleepwear can meet the needs of different customers. The advanced testing equipment is used to ensure the product complies with the international quality norms. Copper Plus set up a strict, well-coordinated and effective quality-guarantee system, with a view to fixing the quality of copper underwear.
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We are a company with a social and ethical mission. Our management contributes their knowledge to help companies manage performance around labor rights, health and safety, the environment and business ethics. Check now!

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