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What anti-haze mask is the most reliable?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-15
How to choose a useful anti-haze mask?    1. Choose a three-dimensional mask! Only a three-dimensional design is more in line with the shape of a person's face, and it will be comfortable to wear. 2. Choose a formal channel like a pharmacy, because the text written on the package after the screening is certified and reliable; secondly, see whether the package has passed the GB2626 test. If so, it proves the filtering effect. Really pass.   3. See if each mask has an independent sterilization package, and secondly, see the product package description in the pharmacy.   In addition, some of the fancy and cute masks on the market cannot be selected as anti-haze products. This type of product is only designed for beauty and warmth, and does not have the function of anti-haze. Are anti-haze masks really useful?    Haze weather is raging day by day, and various masks with anti-haze slogans have begun to be popular in the market. Such anti-haze masks have attracted much attention for their high filtration efficiency, low breathing resistance, and good airtightness. , So are anti-haze masks useful?    According to the editor, not all masks on the market can prevent PM2.5, but currently considered to be the best anti-PM2.5 masks are mainly N95 and KN90.   If you choose the right copper mask, you must wear it correctly. The mask should fit tightly on your face, and your mouth and nose should breathe through the mask filter layer. Masks with better filtering effects tend to have poor air permeability, which will increase respiratory resistance and cause breathing difficulties. Therefore, people with respiratory diseases should choose carefully.  Tips: What are the types of anti-haze masks?   The first type: gauze type: this material has low filtration efficiency, and it has almost no barrier effect on PM2.5. The second type: medical type: it is divided into disposable medical masks and N95 masks. In comparison, N95 masks have better anti-haze effects, but they cannot completely shut out fine particles. This is because of urban air pollution sources. Too many, people cannot fully guarantee the fit of the mask to the face when wearing it, which reduces its actual protective effect.   The third type: activated carbon type-a layer of activated carbon is added. It is a material that absorbs gas and can reduce some peculiar smells, such as the odor of putrefactive substances, but it does not significantly increase the protective effect of particulate matter. Finally, it is worth mentioning that when purchasing anti-haze masks, the public should choose professional anti-haze masks. In addition, they should also pay attention to cleaning the filter device every day. Do not wear one mask repeatedly, which can truly prevent haze and protect health. .

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