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What are advantages regarding Copper Mask pricing?
Harvest SPF Textile Co., Ltd. always provides competitive prices to create value for the customer base. We place a cost not only from an industry competition perspective but also out of product development and cost of manufacturing perspective. We provide the best value for customers together with Copper Mask.
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Copper Plus is a globally operating trading company specializing in manufacturing Copper Mask. We are active in product R&D and manufacture. The Copper Mask series has become a hot product of Copper Plus. The product's pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface will create lines of different thickness based on the writing pressure, which allows users to write in different style. As our fabulous selection of vibrant colors won’t fade after washing, this product is a beautiful, elegant way to update the bedroom.
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Copper Plus strives to be your best business partner in such high-speed developing & serious-competition environment. Inquire now!

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