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What are applications of Compression Gear produced by Copper Plus?
Compression Gear produced by Harvest SPF Textile Co., Ltd. has a wide application ranges which benefit customer business a lot. It is featured by long-term service life and reliability. In the application industry, it can function well in various scenarios, bringing stable performance. There is some information about the application fields of the product on our official website. Also, there will be cases recorded in which the product plays a significant role. Customers can take them as a reference to consider to maximize the use of the product.
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Copper Plus is a leading global provider of Compression Gear. Copper Plus's Copper Shield series contains multiple sub-products. We use high-end technology for Copper Plus copper shirts for men production. It is produced with supercritical fluid extraction, plasma, and nanotechnology, which is important for textile manufacturing. The product has the desired cushioning effect. It can evenly distribute the load and stress across the feet to reduce the impact of landing.
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Based on the tenet of Compression Gear, we strives hard to achieve the goal of Compression Gear. Please contact us!

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