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What are the advantages of disposable masks in the market?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-24
Now that air pollution is getting more and more serious, many users will wear masks, and disposable masks are the most used by users on the market. So what are the advantages of disposable masks and why many users wear disposable masks? The following editor will give a brief introduction to the majority of users.  1. Stronger filterability  The smog in some areas is more serious. If you go out directly, you will inhale too much toxic substances. And if you go out with a copper copper mask, you can filter it to a certain extent. Because disposable masks have multiple layers of anti-filtering layers, they have relatively strong filterability, and certain substances in the gas can be filtered well through disposable masks. 2. The texture is relatively light. Disposable masks use better materials, so friends who have used disposable masks can directly feel the lightness and softness of the product texture, and there will be no scratching feeling on the face. The soft texture makes consumers willing to wear such masks continuously. At the same time, when wearing a disposable copper mask, the skin of the face is also well protected.  3. Better ventilation.    Disposable masks have better permeability because of the materials used, so the wearing effect produced by them also has better permeability. Some masks with relatively strong airtightness will affect people's breathing to a certain extent, and it is often difficult for people to breathe after wearing them. The disposable masks are made of proper materials, and people will not have difficulty breathing after wearing them, and they will have a better experience in use.   These are the advantages of disposable masks. First, the filtering properties of disposable masks are relatively strong, which can filter out some gases that are not good for the human body to a large extent. Second, the texture of disposable masks is relatively light, and people are more comfortable to wear on their faces. Third, the permeability of disposable masks is relatively good, and people can breathe normally while wearing masks. 407
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