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What are the classifications of protective masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-17
Masks can generally be divided into two categories, general masks and protective masks. General masks are mainly used for wind protection and warmth, and protective masks are mainly used for protection of various particles. According to the different protection objects, protective masks can be divided into disposable masks, daily protective masks, medical masks, industrial masks, and coal mine special masks.  Materials of masks are many and varied. Masks that keep warm are generally made of cotton, velvet, cashmere and other materials; masks with particle protection mostly use non-woven fabrics as filter materials. In order to take into account the effects of warmth, beauty and protection, some manufacturers use fabrics of various colors to sandwich non-woven fabrics that play a filtering role in the copper mask. As far as the material manufacturing and processing technology is concerned, each has its own characteristics. As far as the production of filter materials is concerned, they basically use meltblown or electrostatic spinning methods. Some manufacturers can use electret technology in filter materials. The additional charge can improve the adsorption capacity of the material without increasing the thickness and resistance of the material. 367
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