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What are the common sense of masks?

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-08
With the H1N1 influenza virus raging in more and more countries, the demand for professional personal protective equipment has surged, and masks have become one of the hottest commodities on the market in many countries. So what are the functions of commonly used masks, and what does the N95 mask mean?   There are mainly 4 kinds of common masks at present. One is surgical masks. It is made of three-layer non-woven fabric, suitable for operating room environment, and can block particles with a diameter of about 4 microns or more. The second is activated carbon medical masks. The main function of adding activated carbon is to block the smell and not to prevent bacteria and viruses. The third is dust masks. The main function is dust-proof and general anti-bacterial function. The fourth is ordinary paper masks. It is useful for blocking larger particles. Viruses smaller than 5 microns in diameter can pass easily, and the function of separating bacteria is limited.   N95 copper mask is one of the nine types of dust respirators certified by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). N means that its material is only suitable for filtering non-oily dust, and 95 means that its filtering effect can reach at least 95%.   NIOSH divides the copper mask standards into three categories, N, R, and P each represent the protection object. N is non-oily particles, R and P are oily particles, but the protection of oily particles of R grade can only be maintained for 8 hours, and P grade has no such limitation. Each of these three categories has 3 filtering efficiency standards: 95 (95%), 99 (99%), and 100 (99.97%). Therefore, there are 9 types of masks. Because most of the biological particles are non-oily particles, N grade is sufficient. The N95 level represents 95% of protection against non-oily particles, which is the most basic level among all certification levels.  Patients with heart or respiratory system are not suitable to wear N95 masks. Generally, people should also pay attention to dizziness, difficulty breathing, skin sensitivity and other problems when wearing them, and take them off immediately when they find discomfort.
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