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What are the effective ways to prevent smog

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-17
The respiratory system has the most frequent contact with the external environment, and the contact area is the largest, and the haze has the greatest damage to the respiratory system. With the deterioration of air quality, haze weather has begun to appear, and now many places in our country have seen haze weather, which brings a lot of harm. Next, the editor of Hui Labor Insurance Products Co., Ltd. will introduce to you the methods to prevent and control smog? 1. Go out less: Going out less is the most effective way to protect yourself. If you must go out, don't ride a bicycle, avoid busy traffic peaks and roads with a lot of driving, and avoid inhaling more chemical components.  2. Wear a copper mask when going out: If you go out, you can wear a copper mask, which can effectively prevent dust particles from entering the body. The best masks are cotton masks, because some people are allergic to non-woven fabrics, while cotton masks are generally not allergic and easy to clean.  3. Do personal hygiene: wash your face, rinse your mouth, clean your nasal cavity in time after going out and enter the room to remove the pollution residues attached to your body to prevent PM2.5 from harming the human body.   4. Open windows less in haze weather: Experts said that in haze weather, try not to open windows. If you really need to open the window for ventilation, try to avoid the morning and evening haze peak hours. You can open the window to ventilate, and the time should be half an hour to one hour each time. 5. Light diet and drink plenty of water: It is advisable to choose light, digestible and vitamin-rich foods for a foggy diet. Drink plenty of water and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. This can not only supplement vitamins and inorganic salts, but also moisturize the lungs. Dryness, expectorant cough, invigorate the spleen and kidney.  6. u200bu200bSupplement vitamin D in an appropriate amount: This season is more foggy and less sunshine. Due to insufficient ultraviolet radiation, the body's vitamin D production is insufficient. You can supplement it if necessary.   The above is the problem of the prevention and control methods of smog introduced by the editor. For more hot knowledge, please pay attention to Hui Labor Insurance Products Co., Ltd. 282
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