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What are the misconceptions when disposable respirator use?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-22
What are the misconceptions when disposable respirator use? Myth, the gauze mask as a , so the state expressly gauze mask can't for : the general principle of dust gauze mask is mechanical filter, namely when the dust fly into gauze, through layer upon layer of blocks, will be cut off some of the large particles of dust in the gauze. For fine dust, especially the harm to human body's largest 5 micron dust, it will enter the human respiratory system through the gauze mesh. Mistake 2, will continue to use after non-woven washing: common prevent mist haze mask material on the market is melt-blown non-woven material, this material is composed of filled with permanent anti-static fiber, can capture the dust, dust by electrostatic fibre after capture, extremely difficult due to wash out, and the ability of water damage of the electrostatic dust collection. So the anti-fog haze mask material of mask is can not be washed, abandoned after use. Some enterprises in order to save costs, ask employees to continue to secondary use after cleaning the haze masks, and some N95 mask manufacturers in traditional gauze masks between a layer of melt-blown non-woven fabrics, producing so-called & # 39; Efficient can wash & # 39; Dust mask, these are false and dangerous behavior. Myth 3, often wear disposable masks won't get pneumoconiosis: disposable respirator has certain filtering capacity, exceeded its filtering capacity, can't dust. So in high dust concentration in the workplaces where, shall, first of all, to reduce the dust concentration to the reconstruction of through under the allowable concentration, then consider to choose to wear appropriate respirator. In addition, don't wear disposable masks right nor dust. This request in strict accordance with the instruction manual correct wear disposable masks, ensure no leakage, and timely replacement of of failure. Disposable masks how long a replacement? Why do some hospitals have wear disposable gloves prohibited by the provisions of the elevator?
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