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What are the precautions for children wearing masks?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-29
There are more dusty bacteria in spring. How to protect children's respiratory health? Many mothers put on masks for children one after another, but many people did not choose and wear the right masks. Today, I will tell you the correct posture for children to wear masks in spring.   When do children wear masks?    First of all, let’s find out how old children wear masks and under what circumstances.  1. How old is a child to wear a copper mask.    Regular masks are suitable for children over 3 years old, and it is best not to wear them to children under 2 years old. Children under the age of 2 wear masks, they cannot make the masks close to their faces, and they have no effect.   The better the anti-fouling property of the mask, the worse the breathability. Masks cover the face tightly. Although they can withstand the invasion of bacteria, viruses, PM2.5, etc., it is not good for children to breathe fresh air. 2. Under what circumstances should a child wear a mask?    Children should wear a mask on some special occasions or encounter some special situations. For example, when children go to crowded or poorly ventilated public places, wearing a mask can block the invasion of germs; when a child suffers from a cold, pneumonia and other respiratory infectious diseases, wearing a mask can prevent the spread of germs.   If the air pollution is serious, it is best not to take the child out and let him squat at home.  How to choose children's masks?   Masks are related to children's health, and everyone must not be careless when choosing children's masks.  1. Choose according to quality   Everyone should pay attention to the quality of masks when choosing masks for children. It is ineffective for children to wear masks of poor quality.  (1) Pure cotton mask    Pure cotton mask is comfortable and breathable, very suitable for children to wear. Generally speaking, 6-8 layers of masks can be used for children.  (2) N95 mask    Compared with pure cotton mask, N95 mask has stronger protective ability. However, this kind of mask is too tight and can easily block children's nose and mouth and affect their breathing, so it is not recommended to wear them to children under 3 years old.    (3) Disposable mask    This kind of mask may not be able to sterilize and disinfect, and cannot effectively resist the haze, dust, and virus attack on children. It is also not recommended for children to wear.  (4) Masks with problematic materials   Some masks contain silica gel and low-quality plastics, which may release harmful gases such as formaldehyde during use, which will affect children’s health. Some masks have high fiber content, which not only easily generates static electricity, but also irritates children's skin. It is best not to wear these masks to children.  2. Choose the right size  A mask that is too large or too small has a direct impact on the filtering effect of the mask. You should choose a mask according to the actual situation of the child's age and face size. Generally speaking, a mask of 8-10 cm is very suitable for children to wear, and it is even better if it has the function of adjusting the size.    Four coups for children to wear masks  Many children are unwilling to wear masks, what should you do?   1. Mom, dad and children wear them together   When children are resistant to masks, you can try to wear them together. With the company of parents, children are more psychologically acceptable.  2. Let the children do graffiti on the mask   wear their own graffiti and go out in the mask. Children must like it very much. However, please be aware that the copper mask is in direct contact with the nose and mouth, and children should use safe and non-toxic paintbrushes for graffiti. If the quality of the brush is not good, children may inhale harmful substances while wearing a mask.  3. Wearing a mask while looking in the mirror  Some children have high tactile sensitivity. When they can't see the mask on their face, they feel strange and afraid and resist wearing a mask. When children look at the mirror and wear a mask, they can clearly see how the mask is on their face, so they are less afraid. Tips: Precautions for children wearing masks:    1. Children’s masks cannot be shared with others, and they cannot be worn for a long time. Children wear masks for more than 6 hours, and their resistance will decrease because they cannot breathe fresh air for a long time.   2. Wear a mask to distinguish between the front and the back, and you must not distinguish between the inside and the outside. The inside of the mask is in direct contact with the nose and mouth; the outside is in contact with the outside world, which will increase the risk of infection in children.  3. Don't let the child expose his nose after wearing a mask, otherwise it will increase the risk of infection.  4. Everyone should clean the mask frequently to avoid the breeding of bacteria and the sickness of children.

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