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What are the precautions for wearing masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-28
What are the precautions for wearing a mask of 1, flu season, haze, dust days, sick and went to the hospital to see a doctor, should wear a face copper mask. Immunity is low in winter, in the old man, the sickly out had better wear masks. 2, color copper mask mostly use of chemical fiber fabrics, poor permeability, and chemical irritant smell, easy to cause harm to the respiratory tract, and eligible masks and non-woven fabrics made with gauze. 3, run out of the place, not timely cleaning are not scientific. Masks wore 4 - After 6 hours will gather a lot of bacteria, masks to be washed every day. 4, don't wear a face mask to running, due to the outdoor sports for oxygen demand is bigger than usual, and oxygen masks may cause breathing disorders and even organs, which have very serious consequences. 5, after wearing face masks should be able to cover your mouth and nose and eyes most of the area, the following copper mask edge and face and tightly, but be careful not to affect the line of sight. Masks masks the choose and buy of skills in daily life the cleaning and maintenance of knowledge sharing
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