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What are the precautions to keep in mind when wearing a mask?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-22
There are ways to wear masks. These points should be kept in mind. Masks have become an important tool for personal protection under standardized epidemic prevention and control conditions. How to give full play to the protective role of masks and avoid misunderstandings when wearing masks? Li Min, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the 967 Hospital of the Joint Logistics Support Force, summarized the points that need attention. Choosing the right mask type Common types of masks include disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks, medical protective masks and particle protective masks. Under normal circumstances, the use of disposable medical masks can effectively prevent virus invasion. The particle protective mask has low air permeability and does not need to be used in non-high-risk environments. It should be noted that some people like to wear beautiful cloth masks. The level of protection of this mask is very low, and the defense against the new corona virus is very small. For standard masks, if there is a space between the mask and the face, when a person breathes, airflow will flow into the space, and dust, droplets, aerosols, etc. attached to the virus will enter the human body through the space with the air flow. Cause infection. Therefore, officers and soldiers must regulate the wearing of masks. When putting on the mask, first unfold the copper mask arch, fix the mask on the face with ear straps, completely wrap the mouth, nose and chin, and then pinch the metal strip on the bridge of the nose to close it. Adjust the tightness of the bridge of the nose. If necessary, the rope can be tied from the back of the head to increase the tension. During the entire wearing process, avoid touching the outside of the mask with your hands. Distinguish the pros and cons of wearing a mask. The disposable medical mask that everyone wears is divided into three layers, the outermost layer is the water blocking layer, the middle layer is the filter layer, and the inner layer is the moisture absorption layer. The moisture-absorbing layer can absorb moisture exhaled from the mouth and nose, keeping the mask dry. If the mask is used upside down, the breath exhaled through the mouth and nose cannot be effectively absorbed, and the mask will become wet and lose its protective effect. Before putting on the mask, the nose clip side of the mask should be facing up and the dark side facing out. If there is no difference in the color of the mask, it can be judged by the crease of the mask, and the crease is downward. Timely replacement of masks. Under normal circumstances, the use of disposable medical masks and medical surgical masks is restricted, and the cumulative use time should not exceed 8 hours; occupational exposure personnel should not use masks for more than 4 hours. After the wearing time of the mask reaches the upper limit, it can no longer be used. If the following situations occur, the mask should be replaced in time: the mask is damaged or damaged; the mask is contaminated (for example, soiled by foreign objects (such as blood or droplets)); it has been used in the isolation room or in contact with the patient; the mask is wet The mask has a peculiar smell; it rises significantly; the mask cannot be close to the face. Do not pull the chin or hang it on the arm. When someone puts on the mask, they lift the mask to the chin to expose the mouth and nose. This not only loses the protection of the nose and mouth, but also contaminates the inner layer of the mask. When the mask is used again, the risk of infection increases. Some people wear the mask on their arm after removing the mask, which is also undesirable. During physical exercise, masks may come into contact with items contaminated by viruses, and the inner layer of the mask is also easily contaminated by dust and bacteria, and it is likely to be infected when used again. Do not touch the outside of the mask. The mask can block water droplets. If you touch the outside of the mask with your hands, your hands may be contaminated from the outside of the mask. If you touch your nose and eyes with dirty hands, the virus will enter the human body unknowingly. When removing the mask, use a lanyard to remove it and place it in the air. Try to prevent the mask from contacting any part of the body. Avoiding wrong disinfection, high-temperature cooking and spraying large amounts of alcohol will not only fail to disinfect, but also weaken the protective effect of the mask, or even fail. Masks can prevent viruses, because viruses form small particles with droplets and stick to the mask. Spray the surface of the mask with alcohol. When the alcohol evaporates, the moisture inside will be removed. After the mask is reused, the separated viruses can still be inhaled; high temperature will change the structure of the mask and lose its ability to adsorb particles.
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