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What are the requirements for mask testing?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-10
testing requirements. Under the influence of the new coronavirus epidemic, the supply of masks exceeds supply. The price is also very high. Many entrepreneurs have seen business opportunities and hope to invest in copper mask production lines to produce and sell masks. At the same time, the national policy also vigorously encourages and supports the production of medical protective materials such as masks: The State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism for the new coronavirus infection and pneumonia epidemic will hold a press conference on February 11, inviting the National Development and Reform Commission, human resources The Ministry of Resources and Social Security, the person in charge of the Ministry of Transport and the National Health Commission introduced the actual strengthening of scientific prevention and control of epidemic diseases, and implemented the work and production of the restoration work enterprises in an orderly manner. At present, masks are mainly divided into three categories (corresponding requirements are as follows): 1. Medical masks (medical protective masks, medical surgical masks) masks, disposable medical masks, masks), requirements: the scope of business requires the production and sales of related medical masks, Medical device production license, medical device registration certificate and corresponding national standard or industry standard test report, such as GB19083-2010, YY0969-2013, etc. It needs to have a clean workshop of 100,000 or more, and have the capability of microbiological testing and related physical and chemical testing. For specific details, please consult the aerospace inspection Zhang Lijuan. Nowadays, many companies call to ask about the test report of the mask, so we specifically discuss the test report of the mask or how to deal with the test report of the copper mask. (H) Test item test standard of copper mask: YY/T 0969-20131. Appearance 2. The breaking force of the mouth cover at the connection point between the belt and the engine cover 2. Size 3. Cycloethane residue Quantity 4. Ventilation resistance [h] 5. Nose clip 6. Microbiological index sample packaging requirements: sealed
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