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What are the respirator selection of shallow specification

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-11
Respirators pick up. the recently, what are the specifications of the follow the continuous nuisance of haze weather climate, have higher filtration system and prevention function of disposable masks have become a popular travel essential small artifact. But the English letters on the disposable masks products often you get confused. N95, R95, P95, what's the difference? Whether KN100 means disposable respirator filter system power is 100%? I think, this sign means that the protection grade of each disposable masks differences. Each category of disposable masks according to their differences in standards, can also supply specific protection grade. N95 disposable face mask is the most visible products of disposable masks when customers. I think the N95 is not product title, just America NIOSH standards for fine particulate respirators during which a nine categories. Do not prevent oily fine particulate matter, 95 marked 'disposable respirator filter system of oily fine particulate matter power arrived at least 95%'. Generally not oily fine particulate matter refers to the coal dust, cement dust, acid mist, microorganisms, etc. At that time oppressive smog pollution, suspended particles also many right and wrong, oily. And oily fine particulate matter refers to smoke lampblack, oil mist, asphalt, etc. Therefore, N95 disposable masks is also can cut off more than 95% and not oily disposable masks of fine particulate matter. In addition to the N series product standards, the United States and R and P series product standards. R refers to have restricted the oil resistance of fine particulate matter, and P refers to the oily fine particulate matter, referring to both can also filter system oil can also filter the oily fine particulate matter. The three major series of products: 95, 99, 100, three levels, also means that the filtering system for power & gt; / = 95%,比; / = 99% and & gt; / = 99. 97%. On the world market, the other main disposable masks standard specification is the European EN standards. This standard specification of disposable masks can be divided into three categories, separation is FFP1, FFP2? And FFP3 and corresponding filter system for power & gt; / = 80%,比; / = 94% and & gt; / = 99%. This standard specification oily and non oily fine particulate matter are suitable. Then choose GB2626 - China The respiratory protective equipment - 2006 type self-priming filter system and fine particulate respirator 'countries enforce standards as respirators product standards. GB2626 - 2006 first put fine particulate matter of disposable masks are divided into two categories, KN and KP. Study American standards, KN type of disposable masks is not oily fine particulate matter, can filter system and KP kind of disposable masks is oily and not oily fine particulate matter all can filter system. According to the different power filter system, is divided into 90, 95, 100, three levels, the separation means that the lowest power filter system for 90%, 95% and 99. 97%. Generally speaking, Chinese GB standard specification about product prevention function and comfort needs no actual differences with foreign standard specification in the lancang river. At that time, the state production safety supervision administration established to request: special labor protective equipment of enterprise production, must obtain the special labor protective equipment safety symbol. So as a member of the special labor protective equipment, protective masks must be certified, talent to prove its function is really effective. What is standard of N95 respirator when users generally need to replace a mask
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