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What are the types of dust mask on the market

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-05
What are in the market for the types of respirator should all not strange, because we often use in everyday life. However, masks, there are many types of frequently used in society is the , so what are the types of , disposable masks below small make up is to give the users a simple introduce the types of , below and see it together. Dust mask for workers engaged in dust exposure and operations is essential, otherwise will have a fatal harm for workers. Dust mask is mainly used for containing low concentration of harmful gases and vapors in the work environment. Filter dust mainly by the middle of the cloth, because the melt-blown fabric has itself with the characteristics of the electrostatic, can adsorption volume of tiny particles. Some military gas masks, is mainly composed of activated carbon cloth, or water &oil resistance of fabrics for the outer layer, the glass fiber filter material for inner layer, soak activated carbon polyurethane foam for the bottom, can provide temporary protection when suffering toxic surprise attack. Activated carbon masks: it has a larger surface area ( 500 ~ 1000 m2 / g) , has a strong adsorption, can adsorption on the surface of gas, liquid or colloidal solid; For gas, liquid, adsorption material quality can be close to the quality of the activated carbon itself. With selective adsorption, nonpolar substance than polarity easier to adsorption. In the same series of material, the higher the boiling point of material, the more easily by adsorption, the greater the pressure temperature, the lower the concentration, the greater the adsorption capacity is larger. Conversely, reduced pressure, temperature of gas desorption. Activated carbon can also be adsorbed metal ions in waste water and exhaust gas and harmful gas, organic pollutants, pigment, etc. Filter type mask: usually divided into two parts, one is the main part of the mask, namely, the shelves of a mask; The other is a part of the filter material, including filter cotton used in dust and gas in chemical filter cartridge, etc. That you can use the same kind of mask body, when need to dust in the dust in the working environment, deserve to go up with the corresponding filter cotton, so you can wear a ; In the environment of toxic gas, replace filter cotton, installed on the corresponding chemical filter cartridge, so it became a respirator, can also according to the need to combine other. When using a mask in everyday life must pay attention to matters of cycling gloves after Labour protection glove
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