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What are the types of mask step?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-15
Masks should all are familiar with, because we often use in everyday life, the weather turned cold, morning travel often see many people wearing masks, this mask is just ordinary mask, how many of different species of masks, a lot of people is not very clear, then the disposable masks small make up today to give users a simple introduction, hope can help to you. Actually the types of masks have 6 kinds of classification, mainly include: plain paper masks, , haze masks, surgical masks, activated carbon surgical masks, industrial , etc. The following is to give you a detailed introduction: ( 1) Plain paper masks: block is useful when large particles, less than 5 microns in diameter, easily through, bacteria isolation function is limited. ( 2) Dust mask: the main dust, bacteria resistant. ( 3) The haze masks: mainly to isolate pm2. 5 mainly functions as the haze of masks, with dust, and other functions. ( 4) Nonwoven surgical masks: with three layers '( non- 编织) 'Manufacturing, operating room environment suitable for use; About more than 4 micron particle diameter can be stopped. ( 5) Activated carbon material, activated carbon surgical masks: join is the most important role in every flavour, not prevent bacteria, virus, and respiratory resistance increased, 98% bacteria isolation function. ( 6) Industrial : industrial when the choice must be according to different operation requirements and working conditions, should choose according to the dust concentration and toxicity, all industrial for harmful concentrations of occupational exposure limit of not more than 10 times environment, otherwise it should be used fully cover or protection grade higher respirator.
the choose and buy of mask technique consumers really clear?
, because of the bad natural environment becomes more and more people wearing masks, said masks said everyone should how to choose, because many users don't know how to choose, when the choose and buy of disposable masks below small make up to give users a simple introduction, hope can help to you. Users in the selection of time can consider to dust efficiency, since the role of the mask is used to prevent dust, bacteria, because these if not stopping, you will have a big impact on human health. So a user when selecting a face mask will consider blocking rate. Time to consider and degree of choose and buy, because the design is to prevent the air through the masks masks anti sliding sideways body and facial aperture and not by filtering drawn into consideration requirements of technology. Because air flows like water, where small resistance to flow. If masks and face contact is not closed, so some of the dust in the air and bacteria can be inhaled by people body, so is when the choose and buy must consider to the extent or masks. Want to consider the wearing of masks when the choose and buy comfort, a lot of people need to wear masks at work works, if respirator wearing comfort is not good, will seriously affect people's work efficiency. And wearing comfort is not good, so ordinary people also won't wear the mask, so respirator wearing comfort is also very important.

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