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What companies are developing Compression Gear independently in China?
There are plenty of companies developing Compression Gear independently in China. Some are relatively new to this field, some have years of experience. But one thing is shared - their constant quest for innovation. They invest tremendously in equipment, technology, and talents. They keep introducing the latest equipment and technology in the industry, some of them even have their own R&D laboratory. And they have built their own R&D team and cooperate with universities and institutes to get more in-depth expertise. These companies, together, contribute a lot to the development of Compression Gear industry in China. And Harvest SPF Textile Co., Ltd. is one of them.
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By cause of the accumulation of reasonable plan and advanced technology, Copper Plus has become an important Copper Gloves production base. Copper Plus's Copper Boxers series contains multiple sub-products. Copper Plus Compression Gear is produced in a process that is sustainable and uniquely revolutionary, and no harmful or toxic substances are involved. The product has a good cushioning effect. The materials used in it can absorb much more impact under low impact energy.
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