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What do you want to know about KN95 masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-28
wholesale KN95 mask manufacturers! KN95 mask wholesale is more urgently needed at home and abroad, and effective protection is especially important for the orderly resumption of work and production under the war epidemic. Masks are a scarce item during the epidemic. Wearing masks has become everyone's daily posture. At present, in addition to ordinary disposable medical masks, KN95 protective masks with the highest call rate are the most concerned. KN95 protective copper mask refers to the domestic standard N95 copper mask. This mask can theoretically defend 95% of particles above 0.3μm, and it is more than enough to defend against droplets with a diameter of 5μm.     high-quality 5-layer KN95 protective masks provide maximum protection for users, and are safe and breathable. Comfortable design for all-day wear-built-in nose bridge device to enhance the seal of the mask, soft nose clip provides a comfortable and safe seal, all comfortable materials will not rub your face, reducing virus infection in the crowd.   The fifth layer of protection-PP non-woven protective layer, can contact the skin, zero irritation to the skin and prevent harmful gases. KN95 protective masks can help filter out odors in the air, formaldehyde, PM2.5, second-hand smoke, etc., and effectively filter pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. The electrostatic filter cotton has the functions of pit removal, high density, high dust removal capacity and low resistance.  The scope of application of this KN95 protective mask: daily work, enclosed space, crowded places and general medical use. 413
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