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What grade masks are used for anti-smog

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-16
What grade mask is used to prevent smog? Should I wear an anti-smog mask on a foggy day? How to choose an anti-smog mask? How to wear an anti-smog mask correctly? What should you pay attention to when wearing an anti-smog mask? If you have to go out on a foggy day, wear an anti-smog copper mask. The most important protective measure. Any mask has a certain protective effect, but it is recommended to choose a good protective anti-smog mask.  Anti-fog mask protection level  According to national standards, the protection level of masks is divided into four levels from low to high: D, C, B, and A, corresponding to different air quality conditions. The A-level protective copper mask with the highest protection level is suitable for use in extremely polluted environments, and the protection effect is also the best. The PM2.5 concentration limit is ≤500μg/m3, and the maximum allowable PM2.5 concentration limit is 700μg/m3. It can block more than 90% of particulate matter;    protection grade B-level protective mask is suitable for severe pollution and below pollution of the ambient air quality index, PM2.5 concentration limit ≤350μg/m3, and the maximum allowable exposure limit of PM2.5 concentration is 500μg/m3 , Filter harmful particles ≥85%;    protection level C-level protective masks are suitable for heavy pollution and below pollution of the ambient air quality index, PM2.5 concentration limit ≤250μg/m3, the maximum allowable PM2.5 concentration limit is 300μg/m3, Filter harmful particulate matter ≥75%;    The D-level protective mask with the lowest level of protection has poor barrier effect on particulate matter. It is suitable for moderate pollution and below pollution of the ambient air quality index. The PM2.5 concentration limit is ≤150μg/m3, and exposure is allowed. The maximum limit of PM2.5 concentration is 200μg/m3, and it can filter harmful particles ≥65%;   Precautions for wearing anti-smog masks Anti-smog masks of different protection levels should be prepared, depending on the weather. It is not that a mask with a higher filtering effect is more ideal, because the higher the filtering effect, the greater the breathing resistance felt by the wearer. When the inhalation resistance is too large, people will feel dizziness, chest tightness and other discomforts. Wearing high respiratory resistance masks for a long time will have an adverse effect on health.   Wearing anti-smog masks should follow the instructions for use. When wearing, you must completely cover the nose, mouth and chin, and keep the mask close to the face. The better the tightness, the better the protective effect.   Not everyone is suitable for wearing anti-smog masks. The tight structure and filter materials of the mask will increase breathing resistance and reduce comfort. As long as any anti-haze mask is less than 100% close to the face, it will not escape the attack of PM2.5. Special groups of people wear anti-smog masks. Pay attention to pregnant women to wear protective masks. They should pay attention to their own conditions and choose products with better comfort, such as anti-smog masks equipped with an exhalation valve to reduce exhalation resistance and sultry feeling;    children are present In the growth and development stage, and its face is small, it is difficult for general masks to achieve the close effect. It is recommended to choose children's protective masks produced by regular manufacturers;    the elderly, patients with chronic diseases and special people with respiratory diseases and other special people wearing anti-smog masks are recommended Use under the guidance of a professional physician.   Masks are not suitable for long-term wear. On the one hand, the outside of the mask adsorbs particulate matter and other pollutants, causing an increase in respiratory resistance. On the other hand, bacteria and viruses in the exhaled breath will also accumulate inside the copper mask. If you can’t breathe fresh air for a long time, your immunity will decrease.   Non-disposable anti-fog masks should be cleaned regularly and the filter membrane should be replaced. Keep them properly when not worn. 116
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