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What information is needed for kn95 mask detection

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-02
What information is needed for kn95 copper mask testing? The inspection report is the final product of the quality inspection agency. It is the quality of the product in accordance with the current national standards at all levels, the express guarantee of the enterprise, the product quality requirements of the technical contract, the physical sampling, and the relevant regulations and certification documents stipulated by the quality supervision department. The inspected regulatory documents with legal effect are an important basis for law enforcement by technical supervision departments, courts and other units. The quality of the inspection report comprehensively reflects the work quality of the quality inspection agency, and is an important indicator to measure the technical level and management level of the quality inspection agency. It is directly related to the interests of consumers, distributors, producers and the country, and also related to quality inspection The scientific nature, fairness and social credibility of the organization. Quality inspection report The quality inspection report must be provided by a third-party authoritative testing agency with CNAS and CMA qualifications. Platform approval, national general, available online and offline! What to prepare for quality inspection report 1) Sample preparation: For products involving appearance quality, it is recommended that 2-3 pieces of the same model, same color and code for each category; Juhuasuan provides 1 ;   2) Trademark and brand information 3) If there is a logo test, it is necessary to provide a tag, washing mark, certificate, manual, etc. 4) The quality inspection application form is issued by the company with the quality inspection report. The process of handling the quality inspection report 1. Contact with Beston Testing 2. Fill in the test application form 3. Express samples from Beston Testing Center 4. Notify the merchant of the remittance after reviewing the order 5. After receiving the remittance, start the test 6. Issue the test report, express the remaining samples and report the inspection report for processing Common problems 1. Not paying attention to handling work and not having a strong sense of responsibility. Some inspectors lack the understanding of the importance of handling inspection reports. When handling inspection reports, they are not very responsible and cannot take every report seriously. They often issue reports after scanning their eyes. When the workload is very heavy or the inspection report needs to be sent out in time, it is easy to rush through the process when the report is issued, or even issue the report without reading it.   2. Insufficient professional knowledge and work experience. The handling of the inspection report requires that the handler be proficient in the inspection and testing work, be familiar with the inspection principle and operation process of the inspection items handled, and have a certain understanding of the relevant test method standards and instrument operation. Otherwise, you may not know the cause of the error, or even be unaware of the error. Therefore, the administrator must not only have a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience, but also often participate in daily work, be able to guide the technical work of the inspectors, and pay attention to the accumulation and update of knowledge and experience in the work. Generally speaking, inspection report processing workers should have certain work qualifications and professional technical titles.   3. The responsibilities of the handling personnel are unclear, and the key points are not distinguished. There is no clear division of labor between the main inspectors, processing and approval personnel, and only simple and repeated checks on the original records. Therefore, only simple problems are found out. Such as lack of signatures, data calculation errors, incomplete original records, typos, etc., and whether the selection of inspection methods and instruments is reasonable, whether the inspection meets the process control requirements, etc., directly affect the accuracy, scientificity, and fairness of the inspection report. People pay attention. 330
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