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What information is needed for kn95 mask export

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-05
Recently, the situation of overseas epidemic prevention is worrying. Overseas requirements for epidemic prevention and emergency supplies such as kn95 masks have also increased significantly. Many customers consult the current policies, policies and regulations for export declaration of kn95 masks. Today, the export declaration of kn95 masks was carried out for everyone.   What qualification certificates and raw materials must be possessed by the export trader of kn95 masks in China.  1: Enterprise business license (business scope has relevant operation content).  2: The company's production license (required by the processing plant).  3: Product quality inspection report (self-inspection by the processing plant).  4: Medical machinery trademark registration certificate (not for non-diagnostic-level objects).  5: Product manual (shown with the product), logo (shown with the product).  6: Commodity batch number/number (outer box).  7: Product quality and safety certificate (show it along with the product).   8: The photos of the product samples and the outer packaging box.  9: Trade companies must apply for registration by China Customs.   What documents and procedures are required for exporting kn95 masks?   *Is it a diagnosis and treatment level? It is assessed by the Drug Administration in accordance with the product qualification certificate and specifications! Five detailed questions. +  At this stage, is China's epidemic prevention emergency supplies kn95 masks allowed?   The Ministry of Commerce has opened up to the outside world to indicate that all pneumonia epidemic emergency supplies such as kn95 masks can be exported normally. Therefore, all the rumors that kn95 masks cannot be exported are all false, fake news!   What qualification certificates must the company exporting kn95 masks have?   General Kn95 masks and other non-medical machinery management methods for pneumonia epidemic emergency supplies, no regulatory conditions, import and export The right company can export immediately. Kn95 masks and other pneumonia emergency supplies involved in the certificate must have three product certificates:   A. Enterprise business license (the business scope includes medical machinery related, non-diagnostic-level objects are not required.   B. Commodity registration certificate or trademark registration certificate. Non-diagnostic items are not required.   C. The manufacturer’s inspection report, followed by the company with the import and export contract rights, will export again. In addition, if the company wants to gift or replace the purchase of foreign affiliates, it must show the status statement.    In people If a company wants to export a batch of kn95 masks involved in certification, but does not have an export qualification certificate, can I still export?    If it is a kn95 mask from a processing factory with three certifications, it can be exported according to the online message according to the export sales agent, If there is no three certificates, then it cannot be exported.   What qualification certificates are required for the export of general kn95 masks and medical equipment kn95 masks, and what certificates must be applied for?   General and medical equipment refer to the main purpose. And drug supervision and management The bureau’s management method is based on product quality and specifications. For the second and third types of medical machinery, you must apply for a record certificate or a trademark registration certificate before you can export kn95 masks for export declaration.    business company does not have a medical machinery qualification certificate Is it possible to export kn95 masks? The manufacturer can show three certificates. Is it not good for export tax rebates?    Yes, the business scope of foreign trade companies should preferably include labor protection products. Manufacturers can show three certificates to export export tax rebates.    how Check whether the kn95 copper mask meets the standard?    Response: Log in to the official website of the National Medical Products Administration (, and then click on the channel of Medical Machinery-Domestic Equipment. According to the indication on the web page, enter the medical treatment of this kn95 copper mask Machine registration number or company name, etc., you can understand the company's production and manufacturing information content related to the product, and the quasi-font size information content, you can understand whether it meets the standard. 341
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